International Conference on Information Technology for Organization Development


Keynote speakers



Title of Presentation:

“Common-Knowledge, Communication and Moral Hazard in Principal-agent model - Epistemic approach to Cooperative Management –”


Takashi Matsuhisa

Department of Natural Science
Ibarki National College of Technology 
Nakane 866, Hitachinaka-shi 
Ibaraki 312-8508, Japan 
TEL. +81-29-272-5201 (Department Office)
FAX. +81-29-271-2813 


Dr. Takashi Matsuhisa is Lecturer of Mathematics at Department of Science, Ibaraki National College of Technology.

He studied Mathematics in University of Tsukuba, and holds DrSc in Mathematics from Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.

His research interests lie at the interface of mathematical game theory, multi-modal logics, mathematical economics and management.

He is a guest editor of the special issue, Game Theory and Application, of Journal of Applied Mathematics.


Title of Presentation:

Vehicular network infrastructure


Haffaf Hafid



Pr Hafid Haffaf
Département informatique d'Oran Es-Senia
IGMO- Oran
Délégué Régional Ouest de l'ANVREDET

Obtained Doctor degree in computer Science in 2000;  is a senior lecturer at the University of Oran Es-Senia (Algeria). He actually heads the R.I.I.R Laboratory at Computer science department –Oran University-. His researchers concern different domain as Automatic control and diagnosis, optimisation reconfiguration using matroid theory, system of system approaches and their applications in Bond graph and monitoring. He has many collaborations projects with European laboratory: Polytech lille where he worked in Intelligent transport systems infrastructures-  and LIAUPau (France) in the domain of Wireless sensor Networks (CMEP project).